Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Wildest Roar...

One of the most dramatic day in Indian politics, West Bengal elections have seen what few years ago, people could not even think. Yes, I say a few years ago, because the furor and fervor with which this lady was fighting, people smelled the death of left. She has decimated left, and has severed the 34 years old “red regime”. Communist Party of India (Marxist) has finally lost its stranglehold in the state.

Indian voters have once again proved their prudence; people were angry and disappointed with the socio-economic condition of the state. A similar situation in Tamil Nadu, where the DMK era has come to an end, people have vent out their anger about corruption cases charged against the government. I won’t say, Jayalalitha has won only because people din have much other options for a change, she also has struggled for more than a decade to achieve this. But it is definitely not as glorious a moment as what Mamta Banerjee has done.

In 1977, India demonstrated the power of democracy by ousting Congress, and people chose Janta Party government over that. But congress did return in power after 3 years, Trinamool Congress (TMC) has to take care, that this should not happen in west Bengal. If they are unable to restore law and order condition, or are unable to provide with the change people want, left is still strong enough to take control again. If TMC can benefit from Singur and Nandigram, which definitely were the turning points of the political equation of the state, similar equation could again develop and benefits could be taken by the hard-bitten opposition.

But, we are hopeful and optimistic for the lady who has the nerves to take her decisions without caring much about her seat or coalition. She has always done what she feels is right for the people. No one can forget the Alipore rally, nor can Amar Singh ever forget when she handled him by collar in the well of the parliament. She was the youngest parliamentarian and was able to upset veteran Somnath Chatterjee. It was her dream to decapitate left from the west Bengal when she formed TMC in 1998.It took almost a decade of toiling, but the lady never gave up on her dream and has incessantly worked to fulfill it. And that’s what she said in her victory speech on CNN-IBN- “we did it”. And also mentioned the famous lines of the great Rabindra Nath Tagore, “Where Mind is without fear and the head is held high…” The state has definitely awakened.

Whole country is listening to the wildest roar from the West Bengal, famous for the Bengal tigers, but this tigress has roared louder than any other in the Sunderbans. I can put myriad of instances where people were awestruck by her bold display of speech and action, but the time is to celebrate her glory, time is to take inspiration and work for our dreams, and believe in them. However mighty the opposition be, if you have faith in victory and belief in actions, success will definitely come. Always keep eyes on your goals, never care about the path, because if your eyes can see nothing but the dream, any path becomes beautiful. 

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