Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh! the beauty of Salamanca...

Oh the beauty of Salamanca,
tell me what am I looking for,
when all I could see is fog, mist and snow;
tell me what brings me here,
into this land of forest, ranches and meadow.

Let’s walk together to know more,
the limitless beauty to adore and to explore.
Farms so vast, bare trees, woods and lanes,
I see earth transcending into mountains;
Striving towards the top of the mountain ridge,
I find a breach on my connecting bridge.

Ah! It’s not raining, I am not drenched,
but I don’t deny being soaked in you,
into your flaming fragrance and beauty so true.
Bound in your beauty and yet I feel so free,
Cuddled and bushed up into your arms,
it feels I am bound in the fetters of your charm.

Oh the beauty of Salamanca,
how far I need to walk, and how deep I want to go, 
what are your concealed mysteries that I wish to know. 
I am here to reveal myself or is it something I wish to find,
what is it that takes me and what is it I am craving for,
I must know before I stop, what am I looking for.

*Salamanca is a beautiful town in Spain, I happened to visit there once and this poem is inspired by that place. The interpretation is as always is for the reader. :)

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