Monday, March 26, 2012

Death Note...

I am dying. I can feel my pulse going slow and blood going out of my veins. Soon my intoxicated blood will stop flowing; my body will become number. In few moments I will be nothing but a corpse. In these last moments I can feel the panoply of events that happened in my short life. There is a mix of fear and pain in it. My desire to live will come to an end and my longing to know about afterlife will be fulfilled. I will not be able to go home, where my loving ones would be waiting. Who will take care of them? My mother’s everyday prayers for my safe arrival to home will come to an end. How will god be able to face her unfulfilled prayers? But I will go to a place still unknown, concealed and obscured. Predilection of life is overpowering and delaying my death.

I took some poison and cut my veins deep at two spots. I feel that afterlife will be more beautiful. I have chosen that place for me. Somehow death started looking beautiful than life. One small failure became larger than life. My sorrow was able to defeat life. And in the utter state of desolation I chose death…

But then why is it that this seemingly ugly world is not allowing me to die peacefully. How could I expect the afterlife to be better than the life now? What if it is worse? How can I be predisposed towards death? How can I give up on most precious thing-My Life. Death can bring an end to my brief state of distress. But will deprive me of all the moments of love, pride, glory, success which only life can give me. The death no longer seems enticing to me. It’s never too late. Someone, please talk to me. Someone, please save me!!!
Death can never be the solution of problems in life. Solution lies in the same world we live in, fight them here, defeat them and taste the victory. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

An appeal from a common Indian-28 Rs a Day Life

Dear PM,
Chairman, Planning Commission.

I know you are a big economist, who took our country out of some financial debt crisis in early 1990’s. I am sure that India must be progressing very well, I heard that the all India poverty ratio declined from 37.2% in 2004-05 to 29.8% in 2009-2010, good job, but I am still hungry. I still cannot manage a decent meal. To prove the progress through numbers seems a good idea: If you cannot take people out of poverty line, it’s better to lower the poverty line. But the reality still remains the same. Please come to real life, stop making fun of me.

I am not an economist, neither do I have any sense to calculate the poverty line based on numerous complex parameters, which are supposedly more "inclusive". I am not learned enough to understand the intricacies and complications of a democracy. But as a common man it makes complete sense to me or any other sane person surviving on this planet, that it is impossible for me to live on 28 Rs.

Last year Mr Montek Singh Ahluwalia said that Rs 32 a day poverty line not all that ridiculous”I guess you are making genuine efforts to make it ridiculous. There were calorie norms to define poverty, I don’t know what happened to them, I guess they were ridiculous as well. This miserable sum of 28 Rs is supposed to take care of not only my food but all non-food essentials as well like clothing, fuel, lighting, education, transport, medical, house rent etc. Wow! Do you think there is still margin from being ridiculous?

The BPL census that started in 2011 depicted equal awesomeness of your smartness, it had a questionnaire which was smart enough to exclude me from the BPL*. Sir, I am not that smart. It’s beyond my comprehension that due to some supply chain management problem, you can allow the grains to rot but you cannot give them to me to eat. You have thousands of schemes and acts and bills and policies for my upliftment, but I am still unable to rise a millimetre. There must be some problem.

Sir, I am just another common man, living in a village, who feels happy to hear the stories of India shining. I struggle to live every day, earning a single piece of bread for me and my family is my only purpose of life. I do not dream of going to big malls, watching cinema, shopping expensive perfumes, but I do dream to live a healthy life with pride. Our constitution gives me a “right to life”(article 21), it is my fundamental right and your duty to provide me that. I am not trying to stop you from your work, but do come to my home some day, I will always welcome you with a smile, India might be shining but Indians are not.

-Just another Common Indian. 

* (Interested readers can read this brilliant article
   Rs. 32 a day is not that ridiculous (

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I never told her...

I never told her,
that in the day my eyes look for her,
and in the night my dreams strive to find her;
that into her gleaming eyes I can stay,
and her smile just takes my breath away;
that it is a completely different world when she is near,
and that I always look at her when she plays with her strangled hair;
that I wait for her outside the class door every day,
and I have nowhere to go, and I am here to stay;
that I try to find every reason to talk to her,
and beyond the realm of the reason I love her;
though she is not too far away and things are simpler this way,
but I hope she will understand someday, that I am just too shy to say…

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