Monday, May 21, 2012

Finishing B.Tech is like losing virginity...

I am done with my engineering, I managed to survive. Finishing B.Tech feels like losing your virginity. Everybody is saying that I am gonna be fucked outside in the job world. It doesn’t make a difference to me - I felt quite fucked up here as well. I used to get gang raped in viva with lab assistant making my MMS. After first year I adopted the policy of “when you cannot avoid it, enjoy it “. Even after studying four years, my knowledge about subjects tends to zero and confusion about what to do in life tends to infinity. I have expertise only in counter strike and CAT is my favourite hobby (for next few more years). I am also an active supporter of Program of Natural Development of youth (PONDY), it is considered as best stress relieving program.

B.Tech is not a degree; it’s a strange phenomenon, with many paranormal activities involved. Lectures can bring mysterious sleep (I always felt insomniac during weekend because of no lectures); The peculiar ritual to beat the ass out of the B’day boy with NCC boots; Aliens like phattu, todu, bond, DJ, doga, baba, gattu, etc. (few have been censored) found only inside campus; going for a morning walk after a night out; drinking at hostel roof at 2 am; peeing at wardens door; bathing is as blasphemous as sleeping early etc etc. The only normal thing is being as happy as possible after screwing all exams.

IITians, considered as rare breed engineers, are nothing but Sex-deprived Pseudo dudes who realize their manhood only during cultural festivals. They feel they will turn into a chick-magnet after clearing JEE. Nothing such happens, but they still go with a same hope in the job or a MBA College. But there also girls are aware of their level of frustration and declare to turn Lesbian than to date an IITian. This struggle ends only after an arranged marriage.

After four years of lecture bunking, eating hopeless mess food, drinking all kinds of alcohol available and believing in Marijuana as the only herb known, I quite screwed up things. Ready or not, I am entering the second phase of my life. The only best thing I feel is a belief that I cannot fuck up things more than this. I have lost my virginity.  

Anyways, despite all fuck up, I will always cherish those beautiful four years where life kept boogieing on my terms.


Monday, May 7, 2012

The (un)desirable and (un)wanted girls…

The desire of a male child leads to brutal killing of Afreen and Falak, clearly stating the message that you are not wanted here. A 23-year-old woman gets gang-raped in Gurgaon and our super active government comes with a solution in no time- NO women on streets after 8 pm. 

Fortunately if you can survive the foeticide, infanticide then unfortunately get ready to be raped. Women are assaulted at will and raped frequently even after marriage by their husband. Many countries have made spousal rape a criminal offence, not India. It is treated only as a form of noncriminal domestic violence and accepted as husband’s right.  

Being late out at night, drinking, talking, dressing, which is normal for a guy, if done by a girl, surprisingly becomes a perfect invitation for getting raped! It needs some strange extraterrestrial logic to explain this. I guess our police have something to explain here:

“If girls don’t stay within their boundaries, if they don’t wear appropriate clothes, then naturally there is attraction. This attraction makes men aggressive, prompting them to just do it.”
Rajpal Yadav
Additional SHO, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Bingo! I am sure every girl wants that rape-proof, anti-aggressive, anti-prompting, appropriate clothes.

 “You cannot drive alone at 2 am on Delhi’s roads and then claim that the Capital is unsafe. You should take your brother or driver with you. These reasonable precautions are expected to be taken by all citizens of the city.”
BK Gupta
Delhi Police Commissioner
Quite a reasonable precautions! Add one more – only couples to be allowed in the club must be siblings.

I mean what kind of biological phenomenon is this that a normal guy turns into a sex-crazy animal ready to rape any possible approachable female. And then what kind of law is this that blames women for this heinous crime. And then what kind of humans are we, tolerating this entire nuisance in the society.

In our country a female baby is killed by drowning, force feeding, abandoning and even burying alive. Our country’s capital is called the rape capital; where she is not safe even with her husband; where she cannot move freely and dress liberally. This isn't a sorry state of women, its the sorry state of men.

I feel sad when a girl passing by me and refuses to see into my eyes avoiding the so called wrong signal of, “inviting to rape”. I feel ashamed to be considered just another lewd lecherous guy by her. It is a distressing feeling to live in a society which makes some stupid postulation that the girl’s pride is above her life and then the same society rapes that pride off just to prove the point. Why do we need these proponents of gender equality, why do we need these women right commissions, why do we need special agencies to protect their rights, why do we need convoluted laws to give them justice? And we call our system liberal with equal rights to all, what kind of liberalism is this?

Yes, indeed they are undesired and unwanted at the time of their birth and if by chance they are into this world they are desired and wanted by these lecherous and obnoxious mentally ill men, who have lost their morality along with sanity.  
“Rape is a monstrous act, we are humans, let’s not forget that.”

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