Thursday, December 13, 2012

I can see you…

Now that you are far away,
and the distances have grown large,
I cannot talk, but I can see you;
Sometimes I shout, but always in vain,
for I know that neither my voice,
would be hearkened, nor my pain.

I can see you,
still dancing around the corner,
swaddling and draping freely in the arms, 
but the arms around your waist aren’t mine;
you are still humming the songs of love,
but the love in the songs is no longer mine.

I can see you,
that you have whatever you desired,
and happy with whomsoever you wanted to be,
but gone is the smile that ever was mine,
those hands that swung with mine,
and those lips that once did love mine.

I can see you,
your hands are pricked with thorns,
of holding that rose from the last winters,
the face is etched with the tearstains,
of the tears of the last remembrance,
and the eyes are dry now,
of all the dreams from the reminiscence.

I can see you,
with a cold heart and a longing soul,
in a castle choked with deception and grandiose,
where you bought your happiness
but sold your conscience,
 living with your regrets deep inside,
where the brightness scares you,
and the eternal darkness reside.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Last Survey of the world (before it ends)…

I decided to go around the country and beyond to ask people about what do they think about the world coming to an end on 21st December. I got quite a mixed response. Here are excerpts from my talk to various people:

We all know that people from Uttar Pradesh (UP) are very innocent. So, when I asked them, they completely ridiculed this piece of information; they said it cannot happen now. When asked how can you be so confident? They said Mayan civilization and also the Mayan calendar ended with the government of Mayawati, so the news is irrelevant. Also these innocent people are sure that is it Maya calendar and therefore it cannot be true. Moreover now we are part of Mulayan civilization, so we are not sure about the world, but UP will definitely end in next five years.

When I asked our super intelligent leader Rahul Gandhi about this, he said wtf! Why did no body tell me about this? He immediately called Digvijay Singh and asked him what to say, he said tell them “Ismein RSS ka haath hai”. He said wtf! to him as well. After listening to such high level of stupidity I realized who is sharing the bulk of 90% of fools in India that Justice Katju mentioned.

Then I asked Arvind Kejrival, he started shouting slogans and said “ aap kaun hotey hain ye decide karne wale, ye toh aam aadmi decide karega”. He said world cannot end before Jan Lokpaal Bill is passed,  and then called Anna Hazare to discuss next fast until death before world ends. Kapil Sibal full of frustration simply said “People suck and they deserve to die” and pledged to open 10 more IITs before 21st December. He also revealed the secret behind opening so many IITs, he said he hates Jairam Ramesh.

All the engineering students said it’s useless now, it should have ended before end sem exams.  But still all the CAT aspirants are hopeful that world will end before the IIMs declare their cutoff list and save them from humiliation again. Students in IITs are more concerned about losing their virginity before losing their life. You can observe the sudden increase in marriages in this month, due to the same reason.

People in software companies have become so hopeless and can’t believe that the world is ending before weekend (21st is Friday). When I asked one guy from infosys, he became too emotional and killed himself instantaneously by smashing his head into his laptop and the screen displayed “program terminated successfully”.

And finally I decided to go beyond and talked to people from Planet Nibiru by activating the machine of Koi mil gya (using pau paun paun paun script) and asked if they are gonna smack us or not. Firstly they did not answer for many days, but then they said, if you play that shit one more time, we will smack you right now.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Innocence turmoil …

As always, the first thing that we do when we read or listen to something is to correlate things around with that word. The title of this essay easily catches you on the word Innocence; maybe you are also searching for innocence. And like everybody you will correlate this word to “innocent like a child”. Yes, because a child is pure, harmless and genuine. But as soon as he starts growing up, he starts gaining knowledge, he starts learning to lie, to be dishonest, to fake and fool around. So, is it the chase for learning and gaining knowledge that is drifting us away from innocence?  Or is it the lack of wisdom that is killing innocence?

Innocence is being genuine in all the situations and harmless in all the intentions.” People are inherently innocent, but it is the vulnerability of the situation that at times tears the innocence to shreds. Tiffany Madison has said very pertinently:

No one loses their innocence. It is either taken or given away willingly”. 

Sometimes derived of hardships, sometimes selfishness, sometimes egoism, sometimes pride, sometimes adversity, sometimes misery, in all the circumstances it’s us who give away the innocence and quite often there is someone at the receiving end.

So, are there actual innocent people left? Or is it because I have myself lost my innocence, I can’t find innocent people anymore? It is believed that innocence is related to inner beauty, so have I become so ugly that I can’t see innocence? Why is it so? Now career has become priority, money has become priority, people’s outlook has become a priority, and in the long list of priorities innocence has gradually come quite down. No one cares about the significance of being innocent, but if you kill your innocence you will live with guilt, or maybe these days people don’t have time for guilt as well.

In this era of materialism, where people have no time for innocence or purity of emotions, where the emotions are being limited to one’s own advantage, where the survival of the fittest has become more than an evolutionary theory, where submittal to the way things are has become a norm, it’s a continual inner turmoil that only innocence can bring to rest. Let aside living, a person lacking innocence can’t even dream freely.

“Every time you feel sad, or feel burdened by the world, just bring back the child in you”

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