Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fighter...

Each and every passing day, I tell myself to not to give up, to keep up the fight. Giving up is always easy, blaming people, blaming life is always easy, finding escapes from reality is always easy, but to keep fighting is the tough thing. Everybody has his own struggle in life, I have bred my own, and you have salvaged yours. But no matter how hard the punches or blows from other side are, there is no turning back, there is no way to run away. Don’t expect a clean fight, there is blood and sweat involved, the battle demands it, and you must accede to its demands.

There are people yelling at you to surrender, there are situation howling at you to renege, there are excuses screaming at you to quit. You get into a state of despair and even despondency, hopelessness swallows your guts, your spirit is scorched by the rage of nefarious people, each and every fragment of your soul is falling apart, the will to survive is flailing and darkness is all you can see with the expanse of your eyes. There are reams of challenges and remonstrations to pull you back and commanding you to give up!

But I don’t do that, because I am a fighter. Because after striving through all this, a day comes when fighting becomes a habit, and you can’t live without it. You savour each and every moment of it. You fight because you have the will to survive, you fight because your fight has found a meaning, and you fight because you have a reason for it. It’s a meaningful percussion to beat out the rhythm of the life.

I fight every day, because I am nothing without it. I fight for nobody, but for myself. I fight to keep myself away from sinking into the abysmal hole that world creates. Your fight is completely your own, don’t seek compassion, support or any kind of sympathy. If you seek such things, you are not a fighter anymore. No matter what it takes and no matter how, always keep your dreams alive, and they will keep you alive throughout your battle, they won’t let you die. There is a hope that strives thorough all the journey. Never give up on that hope, It will never let you sink.

The situations could be extreme, the people could be very dirty, but a warrior has to fight, because that is what he is born for.

So, what’s your fight? figure it out, and fortify. Be a fighter and Keep fighting! 

"No life is complete without a fight, make sure your fight is meaningful"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Child marriage can avoid Rape?

Khap Panchayat has come out yet again with some incredibly stupid possible solution to a problem. These dim-witted and brainless creatures must be given some award atleast for uniqueness. Supporting them is the former Haryana Chief Minister, Om Prakash Chautala who confidently believes in this solution, I don’t blame him; it’s not rare to be astoundingly idiot and confident at the same time.

With the above question there are few more that cross my mind:
Are the ones who rape are unmarried? How will marriage curb this monster instinct of such men? Is it like promoting legal rape by allowing child marriage? Is it like forcing women into a combo of marriage and rape than only rape? Is it a limited period offer that a girl can get in her teenage only? Is it that if I am not married till now, I will turn rapist one day? Is sex the sole purpose of the marriage? What do they think women are? And the most important one is: who the fuck got this idea?

It has been more than 15 sexual assaults on women in less than a month in Haryana. After reading all such news I expressed my pain and anguish before as well (unwanted girls), and it still is same or rather increasing. Then also it was women who were blamed for so called provocation by wearing alluring clothing. And now they are being blamed for not getting married early. What sense or logic does it make?

These Khap panchayats are still dictating their terms with brute force. They don’t allow love, they don’t allow women to live freely, and they kill people mercilessly in the name of honour. And still they are allowed to flourish. Is it that these rapes are also organized crimes just to put forth their demand for lowering the legal age for marriage?

Every time blaming victims, society, people, culture, customs etc. for rape and not the one who is actually responsible is betrayal of law and civilization. It’s completely preposterous and unacceptable.
“Rape is a monstrous act, we are humans, let’s not forget that.”

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