Thursday, July 14, 2011

The boyfriend(s) of India...

No point beating the bush that India is getting westernized or modernized or globalised or anything to do with western culture rushing into Indian streams. No denial of India’s love for the west. I am not interested in talking about modern Indian girls displaying what they were not supposed to display earlier, and with that display obstructing the display of Indian culture. Also I am not interested in discussing what a modern Indian girl should be like or how she should behave. I am definitely not on right wing propaganda.Girls are also no longer shy enough to make more-than-a-few boyfriends at a time, of course they have their own reasons for that.

India is a stunning girl of this modern glamorous world and is definitely making a lot of boyfriends. Not to mention, not all girls possess this skill. India in its red romper, flowing black hair, waxed legs is surely a center of attraction for everyone out there. Everyone’s trying for a cup of coffee, but before the other one. The permanent five of the United Nations Security Council all visited India last year to try their luck (the powerful one’s get the first chance everywhere). India is charming enough to make everyone happy. Striking a deal or two with everyone, but tried for a nuclear deal with everyone (of course for her own reasons). Uncle Sam (U.S) seems more interested in keeping the other big guy away from India, he is quite disgruntled with China. China is keeping its currency undervalued by buying a hell lot of US treasury bonds. The undervalued currency helps his exports and thus he is able to provide a lot of gifts to India. Uncle Sam had already messed up his economy by being over smart and now wants to blame China for destabilizing the world economy. China is a tough guy, won’t be easily bullied by him. China tries to get her attention by timely declaring new dams on Brahamputra, by issuing stapled visa, by raising border disputes. He just tries every possible thing to grab her attention. But has deep love inside and the bilateral trades are increasing. All the raw material from India gets finished there only.    

India is also busy in all possible implantation to attract more and more guys towards her. The proposals to increase the FDI limits in various sectors, preferring autonomous way to FDI than the FIPB route, changing of mining laws, passage of RTI, opening up of economy, moving towards capital account convertibility are just a few to name. Earlier she had natural beauty so there was no need for all this, but that excessive beauty made her vulnerable as well. Now she is the 21st century woman.

Guys like Pakistan are just jealous and want to throw acid to annihilate her beauty. He sends the terrorists, he causes the blasts, and he organizes riots in Kashmir. But the 21st century woman is too strong; he gets a time to time canning for his nuisances, left right and center. Guys like Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh know that they have no chance at all, so they are happy playing their role for fixing dates with the big guys. If you can’t get her, just try to behave as brother, atleast you get a chance to talk and at times touch. They provide her the strategic positions to avoid the unwelcomed guests and in return get some bilateral trade. Guys like Bhutan almost get their quarter budget funded by India. Nepal is trying to get his constitution being made with India’s help, but India after 60 years is still busy understanding hers own. Sri Lanka’s President is a student of Indian university, so as every college guy of India he is confused as to what to do with his nation and lives in a constant fear that one day Sri Lanka will become a part of Tamil Nadu.

There are various guys, who feel they are not competent enough to try their luck on India, come in groups, groups like ASEAN, SAARC, BIMSTEC, MERCOSUR etc. India also tries to be involved in all of them, after all I don’t know a single girl who doesn’t like to get attention from all the guys in the party. So when the economic party is on, then why not show a piece of glamour of entice everyone.  

Then there is the old boyfriend The Soviet Union, now disintegrated into number of parts, the biggest one called Russia. It’s a time tested relationship. Whatever happens, the love of Russia never seems to fade away. He has always loved her, but feels a bit uncomfortable these days, looking at so many other relations India is making with other guys. Russia is also a big guy, he has huge natural wealth, he is rich, he is powerful, but not as it used to be before 1991. He has always taken a single and sole stand for India against all tides. This one side love always hurts the most, and that too when it’s true. Rapist turned friend, U.K is not getting the desired love it expects. History could be the reason. But when it comes to money I guess the relationship can be made better, everything melts down to economy these days (monetary reasons). He also came to India last year, with lots of lovely gifts and in return wanted India to save his degrading economy.


The geopolitics has become more of geo-eco-politics. India is making the best use of it. She makes relationships with everyone and anyone which can fulfill her energy needs. With energy she makes a fast development and becomes more and more beautiful. This charm will continue until the time the growth is in full swing. Once the beauty becomes stagnant, the guys will leave and then she will have to be self sustained enough to carry on. Then no boyfriend will welcome her every step, nor will he take care of her needs. He is taking care because he is getting something in return.  As I said before, no point beating the bush that world is getting westernized or modernized or globalised. This is how relations are these days. More materialistic than sentimental, more pragmatic than natural and more realistic than emotional. India’s relationship is also like that only, no marriage material. She knows how to move now, but also has to make arrangements for the upcoming lonely times. India should focus more on domestic growth and consumption. The export driven economy can not be a sustainable mode of growth. Also the manufacturing segment should be bolstered, the service sector should never be neglected and fiscal consolidation should always take place.

India likes all her boyfriends but loves only a few and also tacitly deeply loves China, but when she can have so many boyfriends, then what is the need to marry any of them. ;)    

PS: I have portrayed India as a lady not because it can be an analogy to weakness, but to show that woman these days are not weak, as considered before, at least in Indian context. India has faced the burns and brunt during colonial era, and now politicians are trying to sell India into the hands of only a few rich ones. As a true Indian lady, India is self sustainable for growth and also can help the other one’s around. It’s time for grassroot development and empowerment.


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