Monday, September 19, 2011

Whenever it rains, I walk down the memory lane...

Whenever it rains,

I try to find a corner,
where a gentle breeze with a modest sprinkle touches my face.
A corner where I can sit for hours,
and thoroughfare years back into time.
A corner where time comes to life,
the euphony brings a divine rendition, and the sprinkle purifies every thought.
A sojourn devoid of resounding rush of life,
but filled with emotions of past.

Whenever it rains,

I walk down to a child, who waits for rain so high,
that he doesn’t have to go to school.
A child who wants to take his bicycle out with his friends,
and want to splash out all possible water collected on the road.
A child who waits for the rain to stop so that,
he can float the boat he made and take some insects on a ride.

Whenever it rains,

I walk down to a random place,
where I took shade from rain,
where I wished some girl to take shade too.
And one day when she took shade,
I never gathered strength to talk to.

Whenever it rains,

I walk down to my friend,
and take him on a multi mile ride, nothing but  for a chai and a smoke.
No matter how bad he plays,
he suddenly becomes a key player for a football match.
Friendship drenched with trust,
and made stronger by every moment spent in that rain.

Whenever it rains,

I walk down to my love,
and feel the love budding under an umbrella.
Then take my hands out to bring some drops in,
the drops to play, and make her shy away with every sprinkle.
I sit with her on a pavement on the road side,
where the shiver of the rain mingles with the warmth of care.
The view so vista, the gleam in the eye, and the disarming rain,
with every falling drop, I fall in love again.

Whenever it rains,

I also wait for the rainbow,
for it brings me back to my colourful life.
And makes me realize my panoramic today,
made beautiful by past and lively by the uncanny future.

Whenever it rains,

It brings with itself,
the moments lost but not forgotten,
and I walk down the memory lane...


matheikal said...

Lovely poem.
Has the touch of a pop song.

Saru Singhal said...

That's awesome, I love it...

Seema said...

Lovely poem

Chirayu said...

Thank you all for appreciating my effort :)

bhavna said...


bhavna said...
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