Friday, December 2, 2011


We are nothing but manifestation of the phenomenon called reflection. Reflections are what we see and what we observe. Reflection phenomenon theory contemplates the basic reflection law of science and shapes it into pragmatism. Seems like a science note? Don’t worry! I promise not more than two lines involving science. Defining nothing extraordinarily scientific, we are able to physically see objects and their colors due to reflection. All depends upon the property of the object we see and how the light is reflected from it.  That’s it.

Our life is full of reflections, the people around us reflect themselves in different manner and we see them accordingly. We try to reflect ourselves in a particular demeanor either to prove or in most of the cases to fake ourselves. We try to incarnate a reflection which actually is not ours. At the same time we try to perceive a reflection which actually is non-existent or illusion. In simple terms, reflection has two parts-we see (reflection of others), and portray (self-reflection) what we want to, than what it is. There is absolutely nothing wrong in this. This is a strong power we posses, the power of reflection, add this to the sapience/wisdom and impossibilities will diminish and sorrows will ebb away from life.

In this world of reflections, avoid the interference of negative thoughts. If objects scatter all wavelengths, they appear white. If they absorb all wavelengths, they appear black. But we live in a place where everyone around is grey. Try not to absorb the negative thoughts and your shade of life will move towards white. Eventually what you absorb is what you emit. You absorb positive thoughts, you will then emit positive thoughts, you reflect all colors and you will become white. Strive to be white! (symbolizes purity of heart and sanctity of soul). 

Now, how to achieve something seemingly impossible through reflection phenomenon? Everything is a mind construct of reflection. If the target seems impossible, it’s because our mind has constructed such a reflection. We restrain ourselves by thinking rationally, we try to find rationality in everything.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servants but has forgotten the gift.”
 –Albert Einstein

Our reflections are constrained by such rationales. We must relieve ourselves from such restraints, and start believing in the sacred gift of intuitive mind. Remove rationality from the reflections. Don’t think that what you are reflecting is rational or not, or what you want to achieve is rational or not. Entrepreneurs, scientists evolve out of irrationality, most of their ideas seems irrational to most rational minds of the world. Only they are sure of what they are reflecting and only they are able to see the right reflections of the outcome. Stop being rational!
It is a paradoxical relationship, which thoroughfares reality with imaginations. These amazingly perceptive reflections connect you to an illusion, a proposition that seems strange but in reality expresses a possible truth. It seems an illusion until the time it is non-existent. Your power of reflection converts it into reality. You are a special mirror which can convert an enigmatic thought wave into visible ray. It’s your power of reflection that cogitates and enters deep into thought waves and converts those thought waves into a ray which everyone can see. Believe in the mirror in you, and only see the mirror which reflects your true strength. 

Everyone around you will then look like a mirror; you don’t want to see in the mirror that makes you look ugly! Look into a mirror that reflects your true beauty, the inner beauty, the beauty of heart. If you are a pure mirror, you will reflect everything and keep nothing to yourself. Find pure mirrors in life, for they will reflect your virtues and vices equally, that is the mirror you want to live your life with.

You are a mirror filled with secrets and wonders, keep reflecting...

"and I still believe in those eyes that reflect me"...

PS: "Reflection phenomenon theory is a theory built on many parameters and has many contemplative conclusions, here only a few are put to keep it short. Forgive if it creates disarray."


Amit Kumar said...

Nice ... Loved the way you related Physics philosophy with Life philosophy ... :)

payal said...

Very well written. Talks about a lot of irrational things that makes a lot of rational sense ! Thanks for sharing ! :)

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