Friday, April 13, 2012

That girl in green...

Angelic she looked wearing green,
taking me back to the days we were teen,
the charm and lure was there as ever before,
oozing out memories from the days of the yore.
The dark night, the restless sea and the ceaseless sky,
walking hand in hand with no destination to arrive,
I still remember it was February the twenty five…

Her blue eyes gleaming by the sparse moonlight,
the gold chain round her neck so bright,
the waves rising and falling for her single glance,
and the fog enveloping us with love and romance.
The silence of the night and a cold breeze of the sea side,
the moment I waited so long at last arrived,
when our eyes started talking and the words just died…

I wished for night to become abyss and eternal,
dwelling in each other’s eyes and the bliss perpetual,
feeling every moment of life along with her smile,
standing still and motionless and yet crossing a million mile.
But the moon was melting and the night was fading,
the time was running and she had to depart,
and I asked her, how will the love grow when we are apart…

She looked deep into my eyes and asked my heart,
Where do you wish to stay?
and it went to her before I had anything to say.
then she caressed me into the warmth of her arms,
before saying good-bye she whispered to my restive heart,
I will soon be wearing green,
and will meet you again on December the thirteen…


Swati said...

wonderful comparisons..the waves and the fog...and the dates still remembered.. :)

Sukhada Gholba said...

Beautiful :-) It soaks the reader with joy :-)

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