Friday, November 2, 2012

I wish to feel again...

My innocence is butchered
 in the world of hare and hounds,
my voice is quelled
in the innumerable haunting sounds,
my love is lost
 in the rabble of rapacious towns,
and my heart is seared
somewhere in the barren grounds.

Let my innocence grow again,
where the world is harmless and more humane;
let my voice be heard,
where my feeling is weighed more than my word;
let my love be a song,
where the rhapsody of my vibrant life can string along,
let my heart float again,
where the ocean is full of euphoric madness and pain.

Shattering all the shackles, evading all the debacles,
let my soul break off the constraint and restrain,
because I wish to feel again…

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Abhishek Gupta said...

voice of a man, mourning of his loss, celebration of his finding... :)

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