Sunday, January 31, 2010

I am Indian...

I am born rich, I am born poor
But I am born to struggle.
I am growing Indian
I learn and learn
I learn science, I learn religion
I learn family, I learn relation.
I learn reverence, I learn sanctity

I am teenager Indian
I try to be independent
I am impinged upon by my parents,
Yet have my own personality
I go to school,
Because that is what I know I have to do
I prepare for medical or engineering
And some lucky one's get into arts or some other field
I go to college.

I am a college going Indian
I am from north, I am from south
I am Hindu, I am Muslim
But I live in same hostel
I learn again
I learn friendship,
I learn late night outings,
And enjoy them the most
I learn group studies,
And then decide never to do them again
And then again call friends for group study
I learn last minute submissions
And feel its fun.
I learn a "who cares" attitude
I feel that is cool
I learn about girls
Before that they were more of a type of species
Now it becomes a special type
I learn religion
And cricket is my topmost religion
I learn to drink and drink
And then puke
I learn the word virginity
And try to lose it as soon as possible
Some lose and some carry till their marriage and even beyond
I am naïve and enjoy the sojourn
But now I learn from life
I learn from my experiences

I am just-college-passed corporate Indian
I learn competition
I learn nothing is impossible
I learn to never give up
I learn only to go ahead
I learn what to carry and what to leave with time
Though I end up carrying most of the wrong ones
But that is how I learn
I miss my college days the most
I miss all those days that I spent with my friends
I learn they can't be around
And then plan when we can meet next
But most of the time its gets postponed
I am busy
I am busy running
Chasing a car like a dog
Who doesn't know what he will do if he catches one
I learn to prioritize the things
I learn to do things that I like

I am a dreamer Indian
I see a dream
I learn to work on that
I learn problems, I learn hardships
But I always have those relations
And the friends and the old learning
I learn to take responsibility
And try to bring a change to my country
My dreams converge with the dreams of everyone
Because we all work for each other
I dream a new India
India with no one dying of food
India with no one fighting with each other
India with all religions together
And all the castes similar

I am a fighting Indian
I fight to make things better
And when I see India growing
I am a satisfied Indian

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Arpit Rastogi said...

Nicely Written..

Sahi hai ladke. :)

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