Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Live Entrepreneurship...

Entrepreneurship is a feeling, and you must feel that. The feel to have a company of yours, people working for you, loads of work on your head, meeting deadlines, shouting clients, all files around the table, every second a different phone call... WOW!!! I just love it, its an amazing feeling to be in that world. The world of entrepreneurs, the business world. It is a dream for me. For me its as passionate a feeling, as speed for a F1 driver, as goal for a soccer player, as love for Romeo and Juliet. I live it every moment...

I dream of being an Entrepreneur...

I dream of being an entrepreneur. And I work for that, maybe not full time but yes at least everyday sometime. But sometimes one gets a feeling that what is the right time to start, if I am ready to take the responsibility, if I have it in me, if I will be able to survive. Many question pop up into your mind and in an attempt to solve those, we end up in collecting a few more for the next time thoughts. I tried a few things, had a venture during my college days, still having some ideas and struggling with them. I have my friends who also started their ventures, some are doing good, some are struggling and some gave up. I tried to find out the answers with them and with myself and I think I found some of them.

I feel the following three are the primary one, if they are answered by you in any way, then there will be no more questions, the most important one is when to start, then comes how will I get money to start, and then how much will I earn through that.

What is the right time to start?

There is never a wrong time to start the right thing. If you feel that it is right time, then it is. I know, it sounds too literary. Lets think it practically now. You passed out of the college and you have no job, no means to earn. You are not a management graduate, you have no experience in the field of entrepreneurship , and you have not even sold a pen in your life. But you have your idea, you passion and your dream of being an entrepreneur, what you will do; I think you have no other option than to work for that. So why is it that if you have a job then you wait for the right time to come. Trust me if you will wait for the right time, it will never come. I started working when I was in college, because I felt that this is the right time. Yes, you may have some short term goals, maybe to collect some amount of money , but as soon as you reach that don't wait more. Just dive into. Here there is a threshold, as soon as you overcome that threshold of having a right feeling to start, that's the right time.

Do I have money to support my Idea?

My concept for money has been, money is a fluid, and it flows. And it has a definite path, as hot air rises up, or air flows from high pressure to low pressure, or a particles tends to achieve the most stable state, the money flows from less brainy to more brainy. Its only matter of time sometimes it flows away from you, because there is someone smarter than you and sometimes it flows towards you, because you are smarter than others. Though I will suggest that don't go for Venture Capitalist in the beginning, if you think that you don't have money to actually start your business, start some supporting business, earn through that and then start your main business. Try hitting VC's only after you have established something. Say for example, you want to start a restaurant and don't have money , start doing delivery business, make some clients, then hit VC's it will be easier to get them then. Straightaway with a big budget, you go to VC, he is never gonna invest on a novice. Its purely practical and purely business. ( i have evaluated this on the basis of one of my friend's real time experience)

How much will I earn through my business?

Sincere advices, if you are starting for the sake of money, don't start.
You are an entrepreneur, entrepreneurship is a feeling, and you must feel that. The feel to have a company of yours, people working for you, loads of work on your head, meeting deadlines, shouting clients, all files around the table, every second a different phone call. Ahhhhhhhh!!! That's entrepreneurship, the money will automatically come. Its completely secondary, if you are a good entrepreneur, you will have enough money, but if you will do everything money minded, you still can have a lot of money , but you will never be an entrepreneur. It is a feeling, start feeling it; your life will be not the same. Once you enter into this field, you will have a lot of options, its not necessary that the idea you started you have to stick with that, you can be flexible, and you will find a lot of opportunities. Because world is much bigger than Atlas. When we are not into the field we see it like a map on atlas, we cannot measure it volumetric, we can measure it, when we enter it.

So carry on with your ideas, break all the boundaries, get the feeling of entrepreneurship and just start off. The important thing is feeling. That is the only threshold in entrepreneurship. Just be as passionate as you can.

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