Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Beauty Must Die...

 I lived in my place with a beauty,
a beauty so spotless and innocent
and we fostered love until a day,
when this bestial world made its sway
the beauty was made to suffer and pay
and I wished, if only I had a way.
I ask for nothing,
but the anguish must die.

My fading hopes and dying inspirations,
with never ending pain, grave and unholy.
My agony taking over my strength,
and yielding to this melancholy.
My sordid journey devoid of trust and hallow,
dunked into deep and dark hollow.
I ask for nothing,
but my faith must die.

Of all the numbness I have felt,
and all the restlessness I have dwelled.
Of all the disdain and despair I lived,
and the helplessness and solitude breathed.
Of all loathe and despise distended,
and the cavernous sorrow that prevailed.
I ask for nothing,
but the beauty must die.

PS: The poem was written in deep distress so it is a depressing poem. But then poem is nothing but the expression of feelings through words. 

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