Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Am I lost?

They were telling me that I am lost, and that I do not belong to this place, I was a stranger to them, but I was feeling OK. I had no such outlandish feeling as they were suggesting me.

I was in a rarefied tone of euphoric notes. The surroundings never felt so beautiful and liberated. And as always I took some notes. I was walking and traipsing all over the world just to find myself. I was taking notes, the notes of life and making my own indistinct pastiche of experience, joy, laughter, sadness, pain, ecstasy and numerous such feelings which I always denied to sense and express.

I did not understand why they were so concerned about me. Neither was I too concerned about their existence, nor their opinions. But it was definitely disturbing the rapture I was trying to establish. They asked me if I was following my dream? What kind of question was that, it made no sense to me… If they were asking for some practical money making venture, or a ride to follow my passion, I was away from both of those mainline gambles. My dream, like every other young boy, is still that secret wish inside me of turning up into a superhero one day. No matter how eccentric or maybe uncouth it may seem, but that is the only dream I carry and will always carry.

I don’t understand what most people say to me, and that’s why I may seem lost to them. But I am happy being lost, happy being lost in life. The persistent chase of the hope, the perplexed questions of existence, the confounded source of origin, the riven strings of the past and the unfamiliar fears of the future will always keep you in a perpetual state of being lost in life. Being lost is exquisite in itself. The believer in life will always be happy being lost in it. Some people are happy being dissolved in the background, some try to spread out wings and fly and some are happy just being lost. It is perfectly ok if you are not able to connect the dots backwards, maybe you don’t have to connect them. Let them be scattered. Let there be chaos, enigma, mysteries, confusions, disorder in life. These are the charms that will always keep you lost in life.

The only thing that you need to be concerned of is keep moving, no matter what happens, you must not stop the journey. You can rest, because even homer sometimes nods. And always remember that tomorrow might belong to those who plan, but today belongs to those who don’t give a fuck about tomorrow…

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