Saturday, May 25, 2013

The great Indian Spot fixing...

If you are an aware and conscious Indian, you must have realized that we are in a kind of dire situation where all our hopes are dying. The scandals have reached the peak of all times, where the money involved challenges our mathematics skills to count zeros. Cricket fans are feeling like being ripped off their religion. The only thing that used to give calm to the otherwise detested and dejected mind also no longer seems real. Cricketism which was supposed to bring everybody together is facing wrath from its followers.  In a country famous for intellects, Rahul Gandhi is being portrayed as the potential PM candidate. The media is free and yet all rigged and sold. It has become difficult to differentiate between the news channels and the comedy channels, rather comedy channels are losing their TRPs to the news channels. The politicians were never good, accused of rapes, murders, watching porn in assembly, abusing people in public etc. but are becoming worse now. The business is losing ethics.

If you look carefully, then everything seems fixed, with basic driving forces being money and power as always. The cricketers are paid by bookies to perform badly for their own benefits, and the politicians are paid by the businessmen to perform badly again for their own benefits.  And in the end the bookies and businessmen turn out to be the same. The politicians then again take money from these accused businessmen to mould and maul the laws accordingly and save them.  If a politician is caught the others are there to save him. Even the Chief Investigating organization is not free to act. So, the politicians, the journalists, the police, the businessmen, and almost any other authority to serve the people are being paid to perform defectively. The democracy has come to a standstill, and it is fixed too. The alliances of UPA government are fixed to Congress because as soon as they threat to detach, they cause an immediate threat for themselves of being raided and jailed. This whole bloody system has become so complex and convoluted that everyone involved is fixed.

The situation has become so helpless that despite knowing that Congress is living deep in the hole of corruption, people had to vote for Congress in Karnataka because they had no other option. The media was busy luring us with IPL updates when our borders were facing threats from neighbors. The opposition demands just one thing “Resignation”, so that they get their chance in the game. I don’t know if Congress will lure the poor again in the deceit of schemes like Food Security Bill, or people will vote for BJP to get rid of Congress. But I hope in the words of our lyrical PM that “Sitaron se aage jahan aur bhi hai” comes true for Indian people. 

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