Sunday, April 28, 2013

My Evil...

Under the garb of woes alone I perched,
and the lifeless essence was all around,
I wore the robes of dreadful sorrow,
and strolled into the terrain of barren ground,
there was no one there to sit by my side,
with agonizing deceptions and dreariness beside,
I looked upon the lords of good to bestow,
and I waited, waited in the fallow,
till my hopes of good and truth were all but dried.

Upon me, the preachers of good bellowed and howled,
rejected, abandoned and renounced by them,
I wrestled my way through the forces of condemn,
what good this good is for me?
and what this truth has ever brought to me,
but now the hypocrisy of good will come to an end,
and the existence of truth shall be dispelled,
from the abomination of self and abhorrence of all,
eclipsed by the demonic darkness, cold and cries,
my evil shall rise…

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